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Hello There!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Melissa, the lady behind Perfection Hangover.

You probably landed here because just like me, you struggle with balancing it all. As wives and moms, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all. 

From managing the household to taking care of the finances while you’re building your business or growing your career….it can be overwhelming!

Trust me. I’ve experienced so many of the same feelings.

That’s why this blog exists.

The Gulf Coast is my Happy Place!

So who is the woman behind Perfection Hangover? 

I’m a 30-something Okie, born and raised (50/50) in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles. I’ve been married to my husband Aaron for (going on) 10 years, and we have three kids. 

I started blogging as an outlet…a way to compile my thoughts and I quickly realized that this was a sort-of therapy for me, and I have a strong desire to help others. 


…grew up a food stamps kid who first learned how to budget in the 2nd grade when my family was adopted by the Rotary Club. 

…have lived in five different states but am not an Army brat (or a member of any other military branch). I simply wanted to get out of the armpit of Oklahoma before I felt stuck. So I’ve lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois.

…Illinois is my least favorite place in the world, and I have set a goal to relocate my family back to Florida in 2020.

…was married to my first husband for 8 years before we divorced, so we co-parent my oldest with my husband. And we love it! I never thought we’d be able to get along, but when we shifted our focus to our daughter and not ourselves, we were able to learn to co-parent effectively.

…am in love with sunshine. I’ve been told by my therapist that I actually suffer from seasonal affective disorder, (aka the winter blues) hence the desire to move back to the sunshine state. 

…have two dogs, a lab named Link and a rescue named Dax (he’s a doxie/min-pin mix).

How Can This Blog Help You?

Every week, I publish 3-5 articles offering solutions to everyday struggles for ladies like you. 

By being open and honest about my own mistakes, I hope I can encourage you to let go of perfection and start living your best life! 

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I can’t wait to grow together! We’re going to rock 2019! Oh, by the way! I also offer tips on my YouTube channel. You can find my latest videos here.

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